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Professional Case Studies

Strategy, Data Storytelling, and Team Leadership

Every day at work I get to use the power of data and creativity to solve puzzles clients come to me with questions about how to solve business problems, increase sales and loyalty, enhance user experiences, test and validate new products and services, future-proof their businesses, and ultimately enhance the Customer Experience. 
In my current role, I partner with insights professionals, economists, executives, and user experience designers to develop a deep understanding of challenges and end goals, prepare and execute on customized research plans, and prepare my findings in Excel, Powerpoint, and graphic formats. In my past four years at Forrester Research, I have worked with over 150 clients across the world, specializing in Financial Services (US and European Markets, Global Payments, Professional Services, High-Tech Software Vendors, Retail, Healthcare, and Government.

I have had the pleasure of building a team of fellow data analysts, which includes everything from hiring, onboarding to coaching on insights skills, public speaking, client strategy, stakeholder management, analyst relations, and personal brand building. As I continue to evolve my own leaderships skills, I stepped up to lead our internal Research Employee Experience workstream: survey design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, focus group strategy and implementation, and reporting on findings to executive leadership - I believe in continuous growth, personally and professionally.

Take a look at the recent case studies in the gallery above: we are under NDA with our clients, so I have removed identifying information to preserve anonymity as per our contracts.
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