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Amalfi Coast

When I travel, it's important to seek out the hidden gems off the beaten path: in Italy, this was 20 miles of walking around ancient and modern cities, finding the beauty in fallen fruit too ripe to last on the trees, and hiking on the Path of the Gods with a local guide. I found an airbnb in a historic property that used to belong to the Vatican, the Astor family, a group of silk-spinning nuns, and now a local family in Sorrento. As a big fan of solo travel, these photos are a reminder of the trust I have in myself and how lucky I am to explore the world and its beauty on my own terms.


For a true behind the scenes experience, I traveled to Barcelona with Atlas Obscura: we got special clearance to go inside the members-only Liceau Opera Club, the vaults of the National Museum of Catalonia, into Masonic libraries, exquisite Modernismo architectural marvels, and inside beautiful storied restaurants off the beaten path. I received a history lesson in the first Royal Operating Theater and explored the filigree curtain that kept viewers from being seen by the rest of polite society. We finished the trip in the former Atelier of a noted costume designer and were treated to piano and burlesque performances. 

San Francisco on 35mm

This color and black & white film is from my most recent trip (at the end of March 2023) - along with the film, I developed the sense that this city is where I want to make my next home. On my last day, I booked a catamaran ride around the bay, at the last minute; despite the boat holding up to 97, only five people showed up. I happily braved the winds, had the bow to myself, befriended the crew, and requested my favorite sweepingly cinematic classic rock song (Wooden Ships, by Crosby, Stills, and Nash) to really lean into the new sense of place and adventure.

NYC and Philly

Personally, I am a huge advocate of traveling by train; watching lush green stretches and modern industrial zones speed by with a great book...and no need to arrive three hours early like the airport. I've taken the Amtrack Downeaster to a few different spots: to enjoy the Philadelphia Fringe Arts festival and the nearby macabre museums and unique nightlife; to be transported by underground performances in Brooklyn and discuss with friends over fantastic cuisine. As you'll see, my weekend trips tend to be full of colorful sensory overload, bright colors, and as much art as possible.

Elsewhere Internationally
Sydney, Australian Gold Coast, Amsterdam

 I am always appreciative of the learning that comes with the opportunity to be myself out of context. Sydney was the first big trip I ever took, and I studied abroad there while I was at Boston University; living in Australia was a huge step in feeling more comfortable moving about the world, and trusting myself to start somewhere new. Amsterdam is a place I could see myself someday, possibly a future home base for new adventures on another continent.

Elsewhere in the US
Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Denver, Savannah

A few favorites from smaller trips of mine within the states over the last several years. From hiking in old growth forests in Washington state to taking in technicolor street art at high elevations in Colorado and many stops in between. 

There's nothing I love more than exploring a city, (and its museums) reading for joy in a new park, trying a pastry and coffee from a small shop beloved by locals, and walking at least five miles per day just so I can see as much as possible. 

New England (Home Base)

Like the galleries above, this includes a mix of digital and 35mm film representing slices of my daily life. From ethereal (and aggressive) swan sightings, resplendent vintage markets packed with gems, charming architecture, rewarding views on challenging hikes, and serendipitous moments like the rain carrying cherry blossom petals down the streets. I lived in New England most of my life (with the exception of Sydney) but I continue to make new discoveries.
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