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Interested in commissioning a hand-inked piece? Want to stock Cosmic Coupe items in your shop? Still thinking about something you saw at a recent market? Need a vendor for an upcoming event? Get in touch! 

Thanks, I'll respond shortly, have a stellar day!

Contact Me

  • Who is the person behind Cosmic Coupe?
    Hi, I'm Katie! I have always been passionate about realizing bringing creative visions to live and getting creative as often as possible. Professionally, I started my career journey as a farmhand and worked my way up through every job I ever had. Most recently I worked in consulting as a data analyst and client partner, developing data-driven strategies with major global companies. My passions for vintage, printmaking, illustration, sci-fi, design, and retrofuturism finally collided in 2020 when I soft-launched Cosmic Coupe. I operated mostly online during the pandemic, but now I vend at in-person markets and art fairs! This brand started with my art zine full of cocktail and mocktail recipes, and now includes curated vintage offerings, made-to-order custom products, and handmade items I painted with ink.
  • Where does the art come from?
    Glad you asked! I commissioned six different artists from around the world to bring my vision to life; I pitched my concept, provided detailed sketches and reference photos, and had a few editing sessions with each illustrator to ensure color and thematic cohesion. I paid each artist fairly according to their rates and secured the image rights so I could continue to innovate new products. They are all credited in the zine, and you can find their info and names below. Since I worked with them for Cosmic Coupe, some of these artists have gone on to produce work for huge brand collaborations: Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Cosmopolitan, Urban Outfitters, and more! In addition to household names, these artists have created craft beer labels, loungewear sets, silk scarves, seamless patterns, and NFTs. I encourage you to explore their work. Artist Credits (in order of Zine Appearance) ​ Makarand Narkar & Sonal Vasave Mumbai, India @boomranng @makarandnarkar // @sonal.vasave Emily Perelman Boston, MA @emilylynndesign Logan Spector-Watts Wellington, New Zealand @logandria ​ Giri Dwinanto Jakarta, Indonesia @flostitanarum Melinda Magyar Budapest, Hungary @magyarmelcsi
  • How do you incorporate sustainability in your business?
    I knew when I was building this business that I wanted to embed sustainability into its DNA. Local Printing: all of the zines were printed by a small business from my hometown, Kirkwood. Limited carbon footprint, plus I get to support the local community. Art prints for markets are produced by Gnomon Copy, a longtime tenant of Harvard Square. Print on Demand: one of the best ways to limit my environmental impact is the power of made-to-order items. The majority of the items listed in my shop are delivered through PoD service Gelato. That means I am able to offer more sizes, colors, and product types than I would be able to if the only solution was purchasing large amounts of stock. It also means no material waste during production. One reason I chose Gelato was for their own sustainability practices: they support UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals, print locally based on the location of the buyer, and hold their suppliers to their own sustainability requirements. Vintage and Upcycling: rescuing secondhand treasures has so many benefits - the environmental footprint has already been expended, I can give new life to pieces, and vintage items are often made with more care and effort than mass-manufactured goods. My curated vintage selected and upcycled handbags are art objects you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Is my information safe when I buy on your site or in-person at a market?
    ABSOLUTELY. Your information will never be sold or shared with third parties. Wix and Gelato include additional payment protection features, and all transactions are secure. As a consumer myself, I know how important this is; plus, I used to work with cybersecurity clients so I'm doubly aware. Your data is safe with me, and will only be used to ensure you receive your orders on time with quality results. From Wix: The security of our users' financial transactions is extremely important to us at Wix Payments and we are 100% committed to protecting you, as well as your customers. For this reason, Wix Payments complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • I want a size of print or design that is not listed on the website, is that possible?
    Yes! I can create a custom listing in the size of your choosing. The largest I could print is 24x32. Other size ratios are also an option, but these images are designed to have the same scale. Square designs, for example, would only work with the pearl pinup variants because I wouldn't want to cut off important parts of a vertical or horizontal design. If you have a design idea that could leverage existing art in a different format (a new mug design, for example) send me a note and I'll let you know what's possible.
  • How fast do my items ship?
    As a one-person small business, I can't offer the same speed of giant marketplaces. For handmade items (zines, upcycled ink items, limited stock of pearl pinup tees, stickers, magnets, keychains) I will ship within 2 business days. For made-to-order items, deliveries can take about two weeks. I will be transparent with shipping information and provide tracking information. Thanks for your patience with these products, the extra time means your orders are manufactured and shipped sustainably. If you have a specific deadline for a gift, let me know in advance and I can expedite the process. For locally based buyers, I am able to offer delivery within certain cities: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and surrounding towns.
  • I want to commission an upcycled vintage item, how would that work?
    Let's discuss! I can add hand-inked designs to an existing bag or object in the colorway of your choosing, or source a brand new decor item to update in the style you'd like. Let me know what you're thinking in a message, and we can chat via email or set up a call to go over options in realtime.
  • How can we collaborate?
    For Businesses: I have partnered with several businesses to stock my products in-store, and I do offer wholesale pricing for my items - send me a note to learn more. If you have an upcoming event or popup that could use some space glam energy, I am happy to bring the world of Cosmic Coupe to events. For Artists: I am currently working with an artist on a toile pattern design project so I can bring even more items to the site (I have always wanted to make silk scarves!). On the horizon, I have an entire new retrofuturist mashup edition in the works, with new recipes and all new illustrations. This one combines 18th century French opulence with the 20th century psychedelic revolution. I have a few artists in mind for the full-page spreads, but I'm open to pitches!
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