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Personal Projects

Mixed Media Art

Printmaking & Glass

Challenging myself to learn new skills and make things with my hands is important to me! I have dabbled in glassblowing (stemless wine glasses and Swedish bowls), stained glass, and cyanotype printmaking. There is something so satisfying about creating unique pieces to use and display, and it gives me a deeper appreciation of the effort that goes into producing objects most people interact with every day.

Most recently I took a class with international artist Rita Howis in Copenahgen and fell in love with Alcohol Ink Printmaking! She taught her colorflow  technique and we had time to experiment freely - I got creative with my approach and loved tilting the page to create gilded tributaries inspired by aerial landscapes on other planets.

Midjourney: Surreal Interiors

AI Renderings

Artificial intelligence is already embedded into so many facets of our lives, and it's important to use ethically and responsibly...once the privacy basics are covered, a world of possibilities opens!

I personally don't generate images of people or use references to living artists in my prompts because I believe in paying designers fairly for their work. My strategy is to use descriptive prose and speculative futurist references to imagine stylish and surreal rooms. Specifically, I like to iterate luxurious hotels and hideaways on other planets or dimensions, beautiful backstage dressing rooms for interstellar performances, and creative interiors that may or may not be physically possible to build on Earth.
I recently attended the AI in Business conference at MIT and left with 16 pages of notes, curiosity and cautious optimism, and some lingering questions about design and ethics: 
  • Currently, the concept of trust in Artificial Intelligence is focused on lack of errors and percentage of accuracy...but in humans, trust isn't the absence of a negative, but the presence of something positive or earned. Could Al ever be proactive about earning human trust, or is that impossible to code?
  • If history is told from the perspective of the victors and Al collates existing resources...which voices are not reflected in generative content models? What perspectives are lost when outputs are only as good as the learning models and inputs?

Photo Restoration


An unassuming shoe box I found in a closet turned out to be full of photos my Great-Grandmother Miriam took in New England over 100 years ago. She never had the chance to fly in a plane or travel to distant lands - she survived both World Wars, the Great Depression, 18 different Presidents, the Space Race, and the birth of the Internet.

She never had any formal training or high end equipment (just a classic Brownie), but her visions and ability to capture human expressions and slivers of daily life were remarkable. Many of these photos were torn, grainy, and barely clinging to their crumbled construction paper backing; I was able to digitally repair damage and bring back out some of the richness of the silver tones.
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