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Professional Portrait

Hi, I'm Katie:

I am a passionate and creative strategist and designer who combines the power of research and data storytelling to help brands build better futures.


Professionally, I have years of experience in market research, client management, business and consumer insights analysis, public speaking, and consulting. My love of innovation for social good runs deep, and I believe in the power of unconventional solutions and tackling new challenges with enthusiasm. 

Personally, I own and operate a small business called Cosmic Coupe: using my pandemic stimulus check as seed capital, I produced my own art magazine that combines the aesthetics of vintage glamour and outer space with drink recipes. Through a combination of digital sales channels and in-person events, my business expanded to include apparel, art prints, home decor, vintage curios, hand-painted accessories, and more! Never one to waste an opportunity, I applied the knowledge I gathered working with Fortune 500 clients (ranging from UX designers and marketers to C-level executives) to my own business strategy. I manage every aspect of the business myself: creative direction, strategy, visual identity, artist and brand partnerships, product and graphic design, social media, web development, retail operations, press, and finances.

It is important for me to bring my work ethic, style, and sense of humor to every aspect of my life.​ I have come a long way from my first two jobs as a farmhand and hotel maid...I can still eyeball the weight of a tomato and triage a disheveled room in a few seconds flat, and I carry the lessons I learned in Agriculture and Hospitality with me.  This somewhat unusual career origin story has given me a unique perspective, and the lifelong ability to treat CEOs and custodians with the same level of openness and compassion.

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